COVID 19 pandemic, nationwide lockdown, health, the economic and social crisis has been tough for many sections in India, especially underprivileged children. The path of the devastation caused by the pandemic has left a direct as well as a long-term impression on the lives of children. According to UNICEF, more than 247 million children in India have been impacted due to the closure of schools so far.

Without any form of digital access or a constant internet connection, children across urban slums and villages of three different states where we have our intervention in i.e., Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Jharkhand are incapable to continue learning. Underprivileged children are not just experiencing an unforeseen gap in their schooling; they are also struggling with a massive learning deficit. India already had an estimated 46 million children between 6-18 years of age who are not in school and have migrated because of various reasons (UNICEF). Given the loss of livelihoods during the lockdown, the closure of schools, and the acute lack of access to digital aids, this number is going to amplify rapidly. With this, one can easily assume that it will have a direct effect on the overall learning curve in education.

There are countless reasons why all children must receive regular and quality education and that is why we, at ALIG, strive to ensure that 14 thousand under-served children across three different states in India are able to complete their education through the digital medium.

In order to contribute your effort in the mission of helping us prevent children from stopping their education permanently during the on-going crisis, kindly support us in the mission of providing quality education to the children from the under-served background – we’re an NGO that works for underprivileged government school children’s education, women skill development and women health. Your contribution can give India’s underprivileged children a chance at a happier future even in a COVID world.

You will also be pleased to acknowledge that we provide you a tax exemption receipt. Every donation made to ALIG can be used to avail a deduction of up to 50% of the donated amount under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. So, give India’s children a chance at a prosperous future while claiming tax benefits. Donate now!

It’s 100% correct that giving makes us all glad, in many ways than one!

While tax planning is not a fun task for most of us, March is here, and we thought you should know that philanthropy and giving can be a great way to save too!