ALIG Educational and Welfare Society is a registered non-profit organization, which was established to promote modern education and welfare activities among the weaker sections of the society. Through partnerships, it intends to facilitate education and promote livelihood business models, which would be sustainable and transformational, thus contributing to India's path of progress and development. ALIG is registered under Societies Registration Act 21, 1860. It was registered on February 28, 2008.

ALIG started as an initiative in 2006 in Jamshedpur by few concerned individuals who believed in giving back to the society and extend a helping hand to individuals and community to improve the living standards through education and livelihood opportunities.

ALIG focuses on Education, Health and Skill Development. This is carried out with the help of various initiatives.

ALIG has 12 (a), 80 (g), TAN and FCRA certification.

Major share of funds are raised by individual contribution. It also has support from government and corporate houses along with INGOs.

ALIG has its operations in the state of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

Yes, absolutely, all the team members are professionals and they are adequately compensated for their work. We do have volunteers from time to time who are not paid but are compensated by making arrangements for their stay and food.

Yes, at the end of every financial year, annual report is prepared documenting the activities carried out and detailing the lessons learned along with success and impact of the initiative.

Yes, all the financial dealings are audited at the end of every financial year by a reputed Chartered Accountant and returns are filed with the government.

Yes. As using the online medium as primary resource to donate is far more cost effective than costly channels like field offices.

We do not have an official volunteering program. We undertake our groundwork by meticulously hiring professionals in the field of education, health and skill programs. However, if you leave your information in the below provided format, we will contact you in future as and when a need or requirement arises and if you meet our selection criteria. Also, we encourage you to donate as it is one way in which you could start helping in our work. Volunteer

Not at all. It is simple and safe. Here's what you must do to donate online to ALIG: Specify your donation details. Specify the mode of payment. Your selection will be displayed for review. Please check the information carefully and make sure that it is correct. If not, change them as desired. Once you confirm that the details are correct, you will be taken to the payment gateway. Fill in your credit card details. You will get an immediate confirmation of your donation. You will also receive an email confirmation message with the unique transaction id.

No. But if this is the first time that you are doing an online transaction involving use of a credit card, you need to ensure that the transaction is secure. Its always better to use the most updated browser.

Sure, it is. We adopt a stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit card details, are protected.

You can contribute by using your Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.

We are committed to protecting your personal information. For more details, please do read our privacy policy.

You can always email us at info@aligsociety.org to update this information.

ALIG offers 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Certainly, for online donation, we send a PDF of the 80G certificate within 2 weeks and for offline donations, we send a hard copy of the 80G certificate within 30 working days, after the transaction is confirmed in the records. However, this receipt is valid for residents in India only. And here is our PAN in case you need it: AABAA4863H.

You can surely do that. All you need to do is to make a request at least 2 weeks prior to your next auto debit date. You can write to info@aligsociety.org or call +91 9709122000

For more assistance or information on donating to ALIG, please do write to info@aligsociety.org or call +919709122000. You can also send a letter to: ALIG Educational and Welfare Society EX-1/2 Vatika Green Valley, Pardih Road, Mango Jamshedpur- 831012 Phone: +91 9709122000