• Vikramaditya Singh (Vikram)

    Vikramaditya Singh (Vikram)

    Student - German Swiss International School, Hong Kong


    Vikram organised a fundraiser in HongKong among friends and family for the Digital Literacy Program for Government schools in Jamshedpur. During his visits to Jamshedpur he volunteers to teach Maths and organizes debates and competitions for students in these schools.

  • Niharika Ghoshal

    Niharika Ghoshal

    School – Kodaikanal International, Tamil Nadu, India


    Niharika has been carrying out workshops to reinforce the need for education amongst girls in Government schools in Jamshedpur. On her visits to Jamshedpur she coordinates with ALIG team to visit the schools to conduct sessions on a regular basis.

  • Prianna Sharan

    Prianna Sharan

    Student - Quarry Lane School in Dublin, California


    Prianna has been part of the Digital Learning team of ALIG for many years. She has been developing mobile applications in partnership with ALIG teachers to help students with English learning. She is leading the Digital Initiative to expand ALIG’s digital learning curriculum, which is a lifeline for around 14000 students.

ALIG strongly believes in the culture of volunteering towards promoting sustainable development and building a better future for the new generation. You can volunteer your time and services to any of the social and charitable causes of your choice in Education, Health, Emergency and Skill Development.

Volunteers can register themselves by filling the form and team ALIG will get in touch with you. Volunteers could be individuals, a group or an organization. Volunteers are entitled to recognition in terms of certificates for volunteering hours. When assignments arise at ALIG, we search in our voluntary repository for profiles that match the requirements of the work. Matching candidates are contacted and informed about the specific details of the assignment, after which they can confirm their interest and availability.

Most of our programmes do not require any specific skills or qualifications for volunteers to contribute. If you're thinking about volunteering at ALIG, below are some requirements that we consider for assessing volunteer applications

  • Commitment to the values and principles of Volunteerism.
  • Willingness to work with different stakeholders including underprivileged beneficiaries and local government offices to draw upon solutions of the problems assigned.
  • Ability to adjust in difficult situations.

Volunteers must commit the minimum number of hours of service as required as per the assignment.

  • Volunteers are expected to meet commitments to their scheduled service hours, as agreed upon.
  • Volunteers would need to attend an induction session before taking up the assignment.
  • All Volunteers must sign-in and sign-out for all the days of Service.

Follow these steps and you'll be volunteering in no time!

  • Fill the form that will help us contact you on the registered mobile number / email ID.
  • The information would help us match your requirements to the volunteering assignments we have at ALIG.
  • Any additional information details in the form, would help us know you better and accordingly contact you.

It's that simple!

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