Empowering girls through education to reach the sky.

Are you standing at a window? Have you felt how one feels when they see someone outside enjoying, from a window inside house? Answer to this question if comes from a girl then it would be enough to portray success of school education of the government. Government has to realize that what the situation is still unending at the ground level of Jharkhand?

Providing free education to the children in the school is not enough for building a equality in this community.

Nitu Lohar questions, “How can I fulfill my dream of becoming a Journalist”?

It is often not apparent that there is a concern for a girl's right to her own life, to a full existence and in Nitu's words, ‘her right to be able to become anything she wants'.

The state of Jharkhand ranks 27 out of 30 for female vulnerability in India. According to survey girl's enrollment at primary and upper primary levels is stagnant at 50 per cent. Average 45 per cent of girls drop out of schools in Jharkhand after class 5 due to poverty, social stigma, household work resulting to early marriage. According to a recent World Bank and Government of Jharkhand survey 86 per cent of unmarried girl's in Jharkhand want to complete their secondary schooling.

But reality believe their expectations as 62 per cent are not engaged in any form of education, training or employment.

Our approach and achievement We at ALIG work together to promote girl education and bring a positive change in the society. The schools in which we work is situated in different States of India which has Approx. 40% of girl students. In Jharkhand we are working in 19 schools for last eleven years. We constantly work to increase this percentage by doing counselling of parents, organizing rallies and nukkad natak in the community etc.  We also have a Diva club in every school were, problems and topics related to girls is discussed and solved out. We use this platform to educate and train our girl students about importance of education and Right of girl education and then they play their role by counselling their family and community regarding this issue. We are constantly getting positive results of this initiative, and through this drop-out of girls after class fifth has also decreased and new enrollment of girls in schools have also gained pace. But still much to do...

Girl's lives and voices get lost when it comes to research and argument center on enrollment, dropout completion and achievement rates. So let's join hands make a contribution towards these girls make them realize their worth through better education.