Today we want to share with you all the story of Anjali. A student of 10th standard, Anjali aced in all her subjects except English. This caught our teacher Ashmal's attention and as she tried to understand the cause behind it, she was met with hesitancy. To understand it clearly, our team visited Anjali’s home with the hope to understand the issue in its entirety. With some prodding, they found out that Anjali’s mother is a house help in a privileged household. Often a time, Anjali would accompany her to help with the chores. In the same household, a girl, of the same age as Anjali lives and goes to a public convent school. She had a habit of regularly teasing Anjali by saying that she would never be able to learn/speak English as she goes to a Hindi medium school. The constant bullying made Anjali internalize some of the remarks the girl made which resulted in confidence issues. 

Our instructor took up Anjali’s case as a priority and charted out an individual plan for her to start from the basics. Around the same time, the nationwide lockdown was announced. With teaching shifting online, Anjali was taught separately from her classmates to help her overcome the fear of the crowd. With the help of one-to-one learning sessions, she was first encouraged to read along with the instructor and then to read aloud individually. With time, she was added to group reading sessions of the class.

In our English Learning Enhancement Program, teachers primarily focus on English to instate not only confidence in children but also help them with reading, writing, and verbal communication in English.