Value : ₹ 13,500

Location : Government Schools

About the campaign

As per the DASARA Report 2019, India has around 355 million menstruating women and girls who face multi-layered barriers to effective Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) due to various social and economic factors. According to the latest data collated by the ministry of health, only 12% of women and girls have access to sanitary napkins in India. As per National Family Health Survey 2019, more than 77 percent of menstruating girls and women in India use an old cloth, which is often reused, ashes, newspapers, dried leaves, and husk sand during periods.

Discriminatory social norms, cultural taboos, and lack of basic services often cause girls’ menstrual health and hygiene needs to go unmet. Collectively, these gap results in stigma, harassment, and social exclusion. They restrict their mobility; affecting attendance and participation in school and community life. The intensity of this grave situation can be understood well by the fact that 1 out of 4 menstruating girls report missing school during menses and every second girl considers menstruation as abnormal.

Program description

UNICEF has announced five interlinked priorities for empowering adolescent girls in its Gender Action Plan 2018-2021, which accompanies its broader Strategic Plan regarding dignified Menstrual Health and Hygiene. ALIG is committed to contributing to achieving most of the Gender Action Plan 2018 – 21 by the UNICEF. ALIG has realized the very need and made awareness intervention an integral part of Support a School Program through Diva club activities where the mentor teacher conducts awareness sessions related to menstrual health. This Independence Day, ALIG has pledged freedom to menstruating girls in ALIG Society supported Government Schools, from stigma, trauma, barrier, and dignity crisis associated with Menstrual Health and Hygiene by installing Disposable Sanitary Pad Vending Machine and Electric incinerator in schools for the age group of 12 – 16 years old. Let us join hands to bring smiles on their faces.

Beneficiary details

Beneficiaries would be school-going girls attending a Government School in the cities where ALIG currently has intervention.

What the sponsor receives

Once we have received your support, we will send you by email a detailed program document having all the information about the beneficiaries and the program schedule. Quarterly progress reports in the form of photographs and videos will be shared with you by the ALIG team. All donations made to ALIG are eligible for a tax deduction of 50% under section 80G of Indian income tax act, 1961. Support the initiative, as PROPER MENSTRUAL HYGIENE KEEPS GIRLS IN SCHOOLS.