Value : ₹ 9,000

Location : Communities around government schools

About the campaign

This campaign solicits your support to help the existing Adult Literacy Centre’s of ALIG or create new ones in the cities where we work.

Adults with no literacy skills suffer as citizens, parents and as employees in an organization. Lack of functional literacy also effects their earning potential.

ALIG’s Adult Literacy Centre’s are managed by students of government schools through guidance of ALIG teachers. 

The annual expenditure of an adult literacy center includes stationery, mats, books, learning materials and digital equipment’s required to conduct the classes.

Program description

According to Census 2011 literacy rate in India is 74.04%, with the female literacy rate recorded as 65.5%. While the country has made significant progress in improving literacy over the years, it continues to be home to 300+ million illiterate people in the world. ALIG’s Adult Literacy Centre’s focusses on advancing adult literacy as a core value for equal opportunity and social justice. Since 2018, we have integrated this program with the Support a School program in government schools. Students in government schools are encouraged to form centre’s in the communities where they live and teach their parents and elders, how to read and write and empowering them to be functionally literate. Through 101 Adult Literacy Centre’s in the cities where ALIG works, till date we have managed to empower 373 women to be functionally literate.

Beneficiary details

While the direct beneficiaries in Adult Literacy Centre's are the parents of the government school students, the program indirectly grooms the students to be responsible citizens of the country. When parents become functionally literate, they understand the importance of education and will not compromise on the education of their children. When students become teachers, their interest in education increases manifold.

What the sponsor receives

Once we have received your support, we will send you by email a detailed program document having all the information about the beneficiaries and the program schedule. Quarterly progress reports in the form of photographs and videos will be shared with you by the ALIG team. All donations made to ALIG are eligible for a tax deduction of 50% under section 80G of Indian income tax act, 1961. Support an Adult Literacy Centre, as LEARNING CANNOT WAIT.