Value : ₹ 6,000

Location : Government Schools

About the campaign

Digital literacy refers to a wide range of skills, which are necessary to emerge successfully and adapt to the digital world. Since the print mediums are facing stagnation, the ability to grasp information found online becomes important. Students who lack digital literacy skills may soon find themselves tough to gain access to information that is available online.

Due to widespread poverty, many communities find the cost of digital technology unmanageable. For such communities to afford a tablet or pay the monthly tariff for internet connection is more of a luxury than a necessity. Having access to tablets in government schools will give schoolchildren a chance to adapt better and face the digital world, but most government schools are not equipped with such facilities. According to an ASER study conducted in 2018 in 596 government schools of 619 districts overall, only 21.3% of the students have access to computers in their schools (ASER, 2018).

Program description

Coding, access videos, or any other online content for reference or live projects has changed the lives of many students which we have experienced recently in those schools where ALIG has supported with Tablets and other digital equipment. But the resources were limited, your support can bring hope for many such students. The rising invasion of digital media in society pushes the need for digital literacy among students. So, in line with the need ALIG has digitized the content as per 21st-century skills need, a Tablet will help students to access such contents. As illustrated by a hole-in-the-wall experiment, digital skills are picked up by children on their own when they are given a suitable computing facility, with entertaining and motivating content (Hole-in-the-Wall).

Beneficiary details

The beneficiary of the tablet would be a student from Government School. As we all know around 70% of children go to a Government school and the majority belong to the underprivileged section of the society.

What the sponsor receives

Once we have received your support, we will send you by email a detailed program document having all the information about the student who has received the tablet Quarterly progress reports in the form of photographs and videos will be shared with you by the ALIG team showing how the student is using the tablet. All donations made to ALIG are eligible for a tax deduction of 50% under section 80G of Indian income tax act, 1961. Support the Digital Learning Initiative of ALIG, as LEARNING CANNOT WAIT.