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International Women Day

8th March is internationally celebrated as the International Women's Day....

March 9 , 2019

ALIG Foundation Day Celebrations

ALIG celebrated its 11th FOUNDATION DAY at one of the campus of the school.

March 2 , 2019

Workshop on Road Safety in Government Schools

“Alert today – Alive tomorrow”. Today’s chi...

February 23 , 2019

National Cleanliness Day

30th January is celebrated as National Cleanliness Day across the country to...

February 16 , 2019

One day Workshop on Capacity Building & Social Media

One day Workshop was organised by ALIG on Capacity Building and Social Media:...

February 9 , 2019

World Recycling Day

May 26, 2018

Global Recycling Day is celebrated on 17th May every year. Recycling is important in today’s world if we want to leave this planet for our Future Generations. Diva’s Club meeting was held to discuss about the importance of ‘Recycling’ and students were informed that the Recycling means making new things from the old and waste products which are of no use. Recycling turns things into other things which is like magic and students of different schools proved this by making beautiful artwork from waste items in schools and some made drawing on this theme.