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ECO Club Activity

Glimpses of Eco Club activities in Government Schools where ALIG is engaged.

January 19 , 2019


ALIG has entered in collaboration with Tata Power Community Development Trust...

January 12 , 2019

Workshop on POSCO Act 2012

One day training and workshop was organised by ALIG in collaboration with Dis...

January 5 , 2019

Christmas Day Celebration

  With festivities all around, School children could not keep...

December 29 , 2018

National Pollution Prevention Day

National Pollution Prevention Day is observed on 2...

December 22 , 2018

World Lion Day

August 25, 2018

On account of ‘World Lion Day’ which was on 10th August, students of Government schools made drawings and art work in their activity class.  75 Students met in the ECO club to discuss and raise awareness on lions and the importance of  conservation of wild animals.