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International Women Day

8th March is internationally celebrated as the International Women's Day....

March 9 , 2019

ALIG Foundation Day Celebrations

ALIG celebrated its 11th FOUNDATION DAY at one of the campus of the school.

March 2 , 2019

Workshop on Road Safety in Government Schools

“Alert today – Alive tomorrow”. Today’s chi...

February 23 , 2019

National Cleanliness Day

30th January is celebrated as National Cleanliness Day across the country to...

February 16 , 2019

One day Workshop on Capacity Building & Social Media

One day Workshop was organised by ALIG on Capacity Building and Social Media:...

February 9 , 2019

Visit of Mrs. Shireen and Ms Anosha to Bawangora School

July 1, 2017

Mrs Shireen, Deputy Head at Springdales School Dubai, who has years of experience as teacher, conducted a session with Std 7 and 8 class children in Bawangora Middle school today. Four groups of 8 students each were made to discuss - what is photosynthesis, a balance diet and other related topics.The learning tools used for the session were role plays done by children, coloring / drawings and Audio Visuals. Children showed a lot of interest and were very happy to be a part of such a session. Many thanks to Mrs Shireen and Ms Anosha, her daughter for taking the time out for this wonderful session.