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Children's Day Celebrations

Children’s day in India is celebrated on 14th November on the occasion...

November 16 , 2019

ECO Club Activity

The Wildlife Week is celebrated all over the Country every year between 2nd O...

October 12 , 2019

Science Quiz Competition 2019

To reinvent the Education System and give students a break from Traditional C...

September 28 , 2019

ECO Club Activity

International Literacy Day is observed on 8th September every year across the...

September 14 , 2019

ECO Club Activity

Our Festivals serve as windows to see the complete picture of our Culture and...

August 31 , 2019

Plantation Day

July 27, 2019

On account of Plantation Day saplings of flowers and trees were planted by the children in their respective schools. It is important that students learn the value of forest and trees and how the world depends on it for survival.  Students as well as teachers also planted flower in pots in their school garden to make it more beautiful.