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Reproductive & Safe Health for Adolescent children

This program started in 2015 in seven villages of Jojobera area of Jamshedpur.

This intervention aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health and well-being of adolescents focusing awareness on spacing methods among eligible couples and future couples. This initiative is to generate awareness on ARSH among adolescents and strengthen Youth Resource Centres as an information and service centres along with promoting awareness about legal age of marriage. Through this initiative ALIG intends to reduce the prevalence of RTI/STI cases.

We intend to also reduce the number of early marriages and increase in the delay of first pregnancy, reduce prevalence of RTI/STI cases with proper treatment and increase in the hb% of adolescent girls. 


This is a school intervention and program started in December 2014.

Awareness about hygiene is done with the help of school going students and the communities where they come from. Promotion of handwashing, safe disposal of excreta and use of safe water are done to maximize the impact. School teachers are oriented on the basic concept of hand washing practices and other WASH components.

The objective is to enhance the quality of life through school based Hygiene care system through preventive, curative and promotional approach.


Environmental awareness program started with our involvement in School from December 2014.

Under this program awareness is spread among the students regarding environment through workshop, sit and draw competition, essay writing and debates, rallies and working model development.

We wish to spread awareness about the importance of environment and inform them of their roles in protecting it.